Being still is taking action!

Invite stillness into your life everyday.

This may not seem like an action step, but quiet reflection is a purposeful action that awakens you to your inner thoughts. Only then, can you consciously begin to rearrange your mind so that it serves instead of sabotages you.

In my own stillness, I became aware of how my mind sabotaged me.

In trying to protect myself from hurt, my mind was brilliant at coming up with ways to keep me small so that no one could fully see me. In the stillness, I began to notice all of the excuses my mind had made up to keep me tiny, protected and a prisoner to my fear.

“You don’t need anyone so don’t reach out. No one wants to hear what you have to say anyway. Take that extra nap instead. You don’t have enough money. Don’t try so hard because you are going to fail anyway.”

My mind was full of these diminishing thoughts and even though challenging, I had to quit believing them. I had to quit taking advice from this part of my mind telling me NOT to fully live.

The light in me could no longer stand being diminished so baby steps I took:  I began to write a little, call up some friends and speak more from the heart in the classes I taught. The life in me wanted to be expressed and that was reason enough to break through.

Stillness speaks loudly!! I’m so glad I listened.







3 thoughts on “Being still is taking action!

  1. Madeline Johnson says:

    I have experienced this “waking up” to my self sabotaging mind as well. I stared meditation – simple vipasana each day for 10 minutes and it has helped me stay still and listen to the crazy “I can’t” talk that I probably ignored before when I was rushing. How do you stay “still”? do you meditate? Or simply take a pause?

    • Cindy says:

      Hi Madeline,
      I have a meditation practice of 15 minutes in the morning. I also spend time in self reflection which is separate from my meditation practice, especially when I am feeling off balance. During this time, I like to journal so that I can really be with my thoughts and feelings instead of running from them. I also love to take walks outside by myself and even though that is not technically being still, it does help me to bring more clarity.

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