Shamanic & Priestess Training

Sacred Garden Yoga is happy to be launching our mystery school led by Cindy Olah and the SGY team. The SHAMAN begins September 2023

If interested, download the – SGY Mystery School APPLICATION 2023 – here.

If you want to experience a profound learning and life changing course, among a group of supportive and like minded individuals, our training program will give you just that. We aim to provide a safe and enriching environment, for you to deepen your practice, so that your most magickal self can naturally unfold.

Cindy Olah, owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, will be the main course leader, with other wonderful teachers also contributing their wisdom and knowledge for an enriched learning experience. Cindy has been a long time spiritual seeker and teacher of eastern and western practices. Her journey has lead to insight allowing her to blend universal ideals with daily life. Through years of study and refinement, Cindy’s teaching style integrates alignment of the divine with the practical for an empowered and gratifying experience. Her intent is to share this gift so that you are inspired to awaken the inner healer, shaman, priestess or intuitive that is yearning to express itself as you. Whether it is to serve yourself or to serve others, you will learn techniques that nurture your ability to work with the sacred within and outside.

A well rounded foundation will be provided, so that students feel confident in developing & sharing their wonderful gifts with others.

The SGY Mystery School is a three part system that takes about 2 years to complete {1. The Shaman, 2. The Alchemist, 3. The Priestess }. Each block is offered and paid separately. You must complete block 1 to move on to block 2, and both blocks must be completed to move on to block 3 (unless special permission is given by the course teacher). Students can choose how far they want to go in the program and can stop at any time, however all 3 parts must be completed in full to satisfy the Order of the Chalice priestess curriculum. The whole curriculum usually takes about 2 years to complete. Men are more than welcome for blocks 1 & 2 and have in fact completed this work.

Block 1: THE SHAMAN Begins September 2023- Click to Read More

What results and qualifications do I receive?

  • Students become Mesa Holders and Initiates of the Andean Tradition.
  • Students receive the 9  Munay-ki Rites also from the Andean Tradition.
  • Students gain tangible knowledge of the planets and how to effectively work with planetary magick.
  • As part of the Priestess Path, students learn how to pass the Munay-Ki rites.
  • Students receive activation from the Goddess Archetypes including Isis, Hathor & the Magdalene.
  • Priestesses become Initiates of the Order of the Chalice, Priestesses of the New Aeon.
  • Graduates learn how to run their own offerings & also organize our RITUAL gatherings at SGY.
  • Graduates help and become staff in the SGY Mystery School Curriculum.

If interested, download the – SGY Mystery School APPLICATION 2023 – here.


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