Nature’s Lessons in ABUNDANCE

Today, I started thinking about Nature, Abundance and the INITIATION course that we have starting in October and this whole string of words came through unexpectedly.. my voice, but not necessarily my words:

Nature’s Lessons in ABUNDANCE:

Abundance is natural and not something to strive after. As a force of nature yourself, you are ALREADY aligned with abundance. All it takes is for you to see how it is built into the laws of nature and that you are also aligned with the same laws.

One dandelion seed blows in the wind and gives roots for thousands of other seeds to grow. This is how nature works. Even in the most abysmal and harsh environments on this planet, some form of life always finds a way to evolve and survive.

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Humans starving, is not from a lack of food on this planet, but from social constructs and narratives about how food and wealth should be distributed. It’s a very complex collective human story that we all play a part in and you have your own narrative. Your narrative could have been largely inherited based on family, race, gender and/or creed.

Some narratives are so deeply entrenched that it seems virtually impossible to separate yourself from them. Some of us even cling to the story because it gives us a strong sense of purpose and identity. We’ll even develop a whole moral code around the narratives.. and once that’s done, strong attachments and ego identities are birthed, making those bonds even harder to break.

Humans are MASTERS of creating super complex systems based off of narratives fueled by strong emotions, traumas, imaginings, beliefs and ideas that are not in anyway concrete, but we make them so through our own stubbornness and righteousness.

Our minds, bodies & hearts harden around these narratives, and then we forget. We begin to see and experience life through the lens of our wounds, and LACK settles into our hearts. Then life, being as precious as it is, will start to reflect and mirror back to you your wounds because you are that powerful. And because you are a creative master, you then begin to create an abundance of LACK because lack is what you put your FAITH in.

Yet out in nature, just like the dandelion seed, an acorn drops with the dream of a forest inside of it.. and nothing but the FAITH, intelligence and tenacity to birth that forest through. Not for a moment does it doubt. Abundance and creation is the only law it knows and it does not withhold. Even in it’s death, it’s compost becomes fertilizer to birth anew.

If you could just in a moment of GRACE see the truth that ABUNDANCE already IS and that you hold the capacity to birth any dream through. It’s the nature of things. It’s your nature and there’s nothing special you have to do. It’s your birth right.

Your obstacle is that you put your FAITH in the wrong things: your delusions, broken hearts, moral codes and constructs.. making others wrong so that you can be right, withholding love and over complicating things. Luckily for you, nature also enjoys making a beautiful spectacle of letting dead things go. Unless you are enjoying your narrative of lack, let’s take a page from nature’s handbook and drop the delusions & dead things, once and for all.

Big love & magick,

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