Isis- Mother Goddess

“Isis– Mother Goddess, Queen of the Golden Light, Mistress of Magick and Earth, Priestess of the Sirius Star Lineage

I am you and you are me.

Give me your sight, your wisdom,

Your power and your wings to fly,

Dance with me now and show me what I need to know.”

I had the pleasure of being immersed in the life altering alchemy of the mother goddess herself, Isis also known as “She of a Thousand Names.” Her medicine came when it was time to dissolve the unconscious commitments made to fear the sovereign power within me.

If you came into this incarnation to know your true self, to be of service to others and/or to be an ambassador for this planet, then you were most likely inoculated with conditioning’s that keep your sovereignty suppressed. In your truth, you are boundless, unlimited, supreme and free. You are Pure Potential!

If you take a look at the history of the light bringers and magick makers that came before us, it is no secret that they posed an extreme threat to “those who were in charge,” leading to witch hunts and the suppression of many cultures.

We are now in a Golden Age of being openly and actively supported in dissolving those old social conditioning’s, religious constructs, vows, oaths and soul contracts coded within our carbon based DNA, such as:

  • Vows of poverty
  • Guilt for abundance and wealth
  • Shame in sexuality
  • Subconscious beliefs your gifts are bad & dangerous
  • Self agreed slavery to any power outside of yourself
  • Fear of being ridiculed and exiled by your community
  • Suffocation of your voice

Isis mentors us in clearing the pathway of anything that keeps us from knowing our sovereign divinity. She doesn’t just come as a mentor but also as a mirror of your own potential. She, nor do any of the Goddess archetypes, ask for your allegiance or worship. They are actually here to break that cycle of looking for power outside of yourself.

It is Her will for you to align with the success and abundance that is your divine inheritance. Your inheritance includes all of your earthly needs and heart’s highest desires being met. Drop the guilt and shame my spiritual friends. It is time! This doesn’t mean that you become a bad or evil person, but that you become free to do the work that fulfills your heart and serves this planet.

Remember that the scope is far more reaching than just healers, coaches and teachers. Your power, light and influence exudes into whatever “work” you do.

We  work with the influence of Isis in my ASCENSION program. We invoke her energy to help us in the clearing of our self doubt, so that we can accelerate our awakening to sovereignty and grace. It’s all available to you right now!

In love and magick!

silhouette of woman standing on dock

Intuition vs. Trauma Response

Hello my magickal friends! If you have ever questioned your intuition, then you may want to read up. Have you ever held yourself back, from taking impactful action, because you convinced yourself that your fear or trauma response, had your best interest at heart… and you called that your intuition? I know that I have. Most of us, at some point, have confused a trauma response with a true intuitive message.  They both run through the same systems in our body so it can be tricky to discern one from the other. As a long time energy practitioner, yoga teacher, student of life, and personal development junkie I’ve been honing in on understanding my true intuitive instincts, so that I can tell the difference and make better decisions for myself.

There really isn’t a “one size fits all” guide to intuition, because we all experience it differently in our bodies, and you must learn how your intuition works through you. However, there are some commonalities that I have found helpful. Here are a few ways to tell the difference between an intuitive message and a trauma response:

  • Intuition is anchored in the PRESENT whereas a trauma response is triggered from the PAST. A trauma response is formed from experiences in the past that we don’t want to repeat. It comes from an internal desire, to protect you from harm and hurt that you have experienced before. A trauma response will feel familiar and safe, wanting to keep things the same, because change is considered dangerous.

    An intuitive message will feel fresh with no baggage from the past attached. Since an intuitive message comes from the present moment, it may come with a strong urge to act now. It’s common for the urge to not make any sense because it’s a new framework for you. That might feel threatening to the old you, which is why your intuition will play on your bravery and courage.
  • Intuition is clear and usually has no emotional attachment, whereas a trauma response will often trigger your central nervous system, causing feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear. A trauma response very often comes after an intuitive message and will try to convince you not to act on your intuition. Your trauma response will create thoughts like, “What are you thinking,” “You’ll fail,” What will other people think?” Those thoughts are not your intuition but instead, protective thought patterns. If you do feel an emotion from your intuition, it will most likely be life affirming and loving… but rarely fear based UNLESS you are in clear and present danger, like being chased by a bear.
  • Intuition will come in moments of space and when your mind is clear. Some examples for me are right when I wake up in the morning and my mind hasn’t had time to fill up with clutter. I will often receive very clear messages on what to do that day. There is also something about being in water, like in the shower or bath, that is conducive to intuitive thoughts. Being in nature, or practices that calm the mind, will create space for intuition. Making a decision when you are in the middle of fear or scarcity, however, will most likely be a trauma response and not an intuitive response. If you can help it, I would recommend not making any major life changing decisions from fear, sadness, or scarcity.
  • Your Intuition will never play on your naivety or desperation. This is a big one and will protect you from being taken advantage of. A trauma response, coming from desperation, can lead you down a mucky road of manipulation. Here’s a hint: If you feel a wounded inner child, inner teenager, or a wounded adult coming up from inside of you, STOP! Breath, and connect with your highest most magickal self. Remember that your intuition will not play on your emotions, including false excitement. Your intuition equals discernment and empowerment.
  • The voice of your intuition can be soft, firm or sometimes loud if it needs to be… but it will not be angry, bullying, afraid, judgmental, or weak. The voice of your intuition will speak up when it matters and will uphold your sacred purpose. It will give you clear direction and tell you what you need to hear, but not necessarily what you want to hear.

Regardless, your intuitive voice will never belittle or frighten you… but it might disappoint your ego from time to time. Remember there is no rule book to intuition, however regulating your nervous system and doing things that help to clear old traumas and fears from the body, will help clear the path for your intuition. Consider yoga, counseling, energy healing, meditation, and personal development to help you with that. You don’t have to go at it alone.

Get to know what your intuition feels like in your body and practice developing it with simple techniques. Learn how to feel comfortable in your own skin and TRUST YOURSELF!!! You hold the wisdom of all the ages. Believe it and believe in yourself.

 Be compassionate toward yourself, you will screw up and make the wrong decisions sometimes. Give yourself grace, take the wisdom, learn, grow, and move on. It will only make you wiser and stronger.

Big love & magick!