The PRIESTESS is a person who seeks a direct personal experience of the divine that transcends the limitations of rational thoughts and language. This oneness with the divine creates an intense feeling of love and joy a heightened awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.

This is an offering {from the feminine ascended masters} for 6 souls ready to activate | elevate their inner Master and divine power.

Formerly knows as ASCENSION, this course is a two part series designed for those who have been on their awakening path for a while. The complete program (part 1 and 2) is our priestess process. For part 1, the Goddesses we visit are Isis, Hathor, The Magdalene and more. For part 2, we descend into the Shadow Goddesses of Kali, Persephone, Hekate and friends. The integration of the Light and Dark within us is a necessary process for our own healing and growth. We must descend to ascend.

For each part, we spend 5 Saturdays steeping in the alchemical magick of the sacred feminine energies, as an invitation to upgrade our relationship with life. Each part is offered separately. Together, they both make 10 Saturdays that we gather.

This program is a sacred container for up to 6 individuals ready to actively participate in their ascension together:

  • Reveal the inner and sovereign master who already exists within you… to support your everyday success.
  • Unlock your gifts and how you can use them in service for the greater good.
  • Release guilt, shame, poverty, rage, disappointment, attachments, addictions and smallness from your physical and energetic coding.
  • Liberate your ancestral DNA from old outdated social constructs & conditions.
  • Align with the vibration of health, wealth and your divine inheritance.
  • Learn how to pass the Nine Munay-Ki Rights.
  • Activate your relationship with the feminine ascended masters and become an ambassador for their teachings and initiations. For healers, teachers, coaches, therapists, way-showers and light-workers use these activations and connections in your own work to elevate others.
  • Obliterate desires to make choices that sabotage your success.
  • Accelerate your ascension and growth

This is deep and often uncomfortable work but so well worth it. The group is small on purpose so that we can take the time to delve into each individuals gifts and growth points. You have an astounding capacity to feel ecstasy, peace, joy and fulfillment. You deserve it. The processes are lead and taught by Cindy, but the Female ascended masters are in control. Be prepared to shift. Cindy has personally experienced the Initiations from the masters and they mean business for those that are READY and committed.

Each part is 5 months long meeting one Saturday a month from 12- 5:30 pm. For the weeks in between, you will be given homework assignments and time to process.

There are 2 parts to the priestess process and each are paid separately. The listed price is the cost of ONE, 5 month part. The two parts together is a 10 month program. Part 1 is required to move on to part 2 and they are offered at different times during the year.

If you feel the burning desire for sacred and life affirming change, then take that next step.

To Be Determined


One time payment: $1997

$1997- 1 time payment

or payment plan: $250 deposit + 4 payments of $450= $2050

Deposit + 4 Payments of $450