Cindy began her yoga journey in her mid 20’s and she thank’s God everyday for it. Even though, at times, getting on the mat seems difficult and tedious, there has been no other practice that has been as healing and empowering. Cindy is known for empowering her students to take full ownership of their lives. Through the physical practice of yoga, she teaches self acceptance, integrity and that there is a breathing, living source of boundless possibilities within each being. She especially loves the therapeutic aspects of yoga and has a particular knack for helping her students align to the deep order and intelligence of their bodies. Cindy is also the owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, which has been thriving since 2003. If what you are seeking is inspiration, growth, healing and empowerment, please check out her yoga teaching schedule.

Cindy’s group yoga teaching schedule:

  • Monday:          5:30 PM       Mixed Level
  • Tuesday:         10:00 AM      Mixed Level
  • Wednesday:   10:00 AM      Beginners
  • Friday:            10:00 AM      Ignite Your Fire
  • Saturday:       10:00 AM      Intermediate/Advanced

Private Yoga Sessions:

Cindy, at times, is available for private sessions. These sessions are designed for individuals with specific needs and who would benefit from the one on one attention.  With her therapeutic and supportive teaching style, she has had the pleasure of witnessing several students take back their power from crippling stress, injuries and illnesses. Privates are also great for the beginner who wants to be introduced to yoga without the intimidation of a group setting or for the individual who wants a deeper understanding and enhancement of his/her personal practice.

COST FOR PRIVATE: $99 for 1 hour session / $445 for 5 sessions

All of her classes are held at Sacred Garden Yoga. Please visit the Sacred Garden Yoga website to find out more about the studio, staff and wonderful events they have going on. You can also register for classes online.