The Shaman is an individual seeking to be in relationship with the spirit in all things. Shamanism is grounded in a deep connection with the elements of nature, a path that brings us back to the place where we and the planet are one.

MESA CARRIER – In Part I of this course, students will be introduced to ancient Andean tradition and culture. Participants will become acquainted with the four directions of the Andean Medicine Wheel and the Wheel of the Year rooted in ancient traditions. Students will be encouraged to develop an intimate relationship with the elements of nature and cultivate a rhythm with seasonal living.  As we delve into the 4 outer elements, we also explore how those forces empower us from the inside. We are the elements… and they are here to enhance your growth and provide clarity for your path. We will use the medicine of the elements to empower your own Mesa so that you become part of the Mesa Carrier lineage.

MUNAY KI RITES – Part II of this course continues the Andean traditions with the transmission of the nine Munay Ki Rites to become a person of wisdom and power. These are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past and transform our energy field. Munay means “universal love” and Ki refers to life force or “Chi”. Together these words mean “energy of love”. Receiving these rites are about stewardship and a call to service.

Explored in this course:

  • Intuition– developing your intuition an psychic gifts as you learn how to work with the forces of nature to enhance clarity and connection.
  • Empowered Empath- we begin the journey towards learning how to utilize your sensitivities as a gift and honing those gifts to empower you instead of draining you.
  • As Within So Without– the outside world is a reflection of our inner world. As we delve into the 4 outer elements, we also explore how those forces empower us from the inside. We are the elements.
  • Integration– A good portion of our time is spent outside with hands on practices for a more integrative experience.
  • Ritual is the Remedy– how to create and work within sacred space to help “tune” and refine your body/mind instruments for intentional living.
  • Art of Ceremony– transforming mundane into beauty & lack into abundance.
  • Magick– you are a channel of light and your gifts are unique to you; an exploration of your energetic intelligence and how it communicates to you through your intuitive gifts (clair’s).

At the conclusion of this course, each participant will create their own Mesa, or portable altar filled with objects that reflect your own personal development as a shamanic healer. Your Mesa will continue to grow and evolve as you do. Participants also will receive their Pi stone at the conclusion of receiving their nine Munay-ki Rites.

The whole series is 3 months long with 8 meeting times every other Saturday from 12- 2 pm. For the weeks in between, you will be given homework assignments and time to process.

If interested, download the – SGY Mystery School APPLICATION 2023 – here.

A nonrefundable $150 deposit is required to reserve your spot which will be deducted from your final payment if paid in full. Full payment is due 15 days prior to start date unless using the payment plan option.

Meeting schedule at Sacred Garden Yoga
Saturday’s 12 pm EST

 Sep 23 | Oct 7 | Oct 21 | Nov 4

Nov 18 | Dec 2 | Dec 16 | Dec 30

One Time Payment-$895
Payment Plan- $150 deposit + (3 x $265) = $945

$895- 1 Time Payment $150 Deposit + 3($265)


“Before this class, I felt like I was in “everything’s fine” mode where life was moving fast and I was just trying to keep up. I was so thankful for the blessings in my life, but I felt I was treading water as I worked through my never ending to do list. I didn’t know what was missing or how to fix it no matter how many self help books I read. This course helped open my eyes and my heart to everything that was already there. Through this class I learned the power of self love. Everything starts here. I am becoming more present and connected with my loved ones and the universe. I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned here.” ~ D.M

“The class brought to me a better understanding of the weird (now, not so weird) things that were happening to me. I was not afraid of them anymore and now embrace them. My spiritual life today is much stronger thanks to the guidance from this training. I am more confident in my spiritual gifts and can only see them growing stronger in the future. In addition, I treasure the fellow seekers that I have met in both classes. They are special to me. We’ve all had moments of spilling the pain/fear/joys of this path that we are on, and it’s made us a part of each other. I would highly recommend this class if you’re trying to understand your path, or need guidance with your spiritual gifts. The course leaders are kind and will guide you without judgement.” ~