Events & Workshops

Check back often to see what special events, workshops and retreats I have coming up!


Alchemy Practice with Cindy

Dissolution and Expansion Please join Cindy for Alchemy, a more advanced practice designed  to refine, deepen, expand and strengthen. During this 2.5 hour practice, we will work through postures to help dissolve old holding patterns, stiffness and resistance in both body and mind. Through yoga, we are usually seeking to be free from something- whether … Continue reading Alchemy Practice with Cindy

Women Rising: A Rouge Awakening

Ladies are you ready for a ROUGE AWAKENING? There is great liberation and wholeness to be found by embracing all sides of oneself, especially those sides that have been deemed inappropriate, forbidden, wild, messy, fierce and summed up by HER RED HOLINESS.  When we cast RED into the shadows and cover HER with all that is  … Continue reading Women Rising: A Rouge Awakening

The Dark and Full Moon

DARK MOON TIME The call from the Mother energies have been strong, especially that of the often misunderstood Dark Mother’s whom serve to help us move through shadow times of our lives. Kali, Hecate, and Lilith are the name of some these great Goddesses and with their help, can bring the most profound healing to … Continue reading The Dark and Full Moon

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