Events & Workshops

Check back often to see what special events, workshops and retreats I have coming up!

Dark Moon Energy Clearing

The energies at play are big right now! Let’s use them to help lift the veils of darkness and confusion. If you are not feeling like your usual go lucky self… perhaps you feel stuck, depressed, anxious, worried, in lack, in fear or unclear… Cindy is holding space for some deeper healing to take place. … Continue reading Dark Moon Energy Clearing

Enlightened Gathering

NEXT DATE:COMING SOON!   ENLIGHTENED is a gathering that Cindy and friends have created with the mission to free the wild, magickal & creative spirit within. Our goal is to create a safe, respectful and high vibrational space to explore all things magickal, sacred and healing. Together, we’ll bring deeper awareness, enchantment, fun, and acceptance … Continue reading Enlightened Gathering


This is an offering {from the feminine ascended masters} for 6 souls ready to activate | elevate  their inner Master and divine power. We will spend 5 Saturdays steeping in the alchemical magick of the sacred feminine energies, as an invitation to upgrade one’s relationship with life.  This program is a sacred container for up … Continue reading ASCENSION