Witch Please! Why Coming Out of the Broom Closet is so Hard

Witch Please! October by far is the witchiest time of the year for me. It’s funny how it’s OK to dress up like a witch for Halloween but to actually own your true witchiness can be far scarier.

What is a witch anyway? My personal definition is, someone who has a strong relationship with the forces of nature and uses those relationships to enhance their lives. A shaman is the same, but from different traditions and highly trained. The witches dictum is “as above, so below.” The elemental and cosmic forces are not just a reflection, but also a part of you, thus you can connect with them to empower you.

Dogmatic religion and even Hollywood have done a great job of demonizing ritual and ceremony as if by doing so, you’re playing with something dark and evil!

You know why?

🌙 Because the practice empowers you and an empowered person is harder to control. The one’s who demonized the practice knew this and needed the majority to feel like their salvation lies outside of themselves, thus making the mass easier to control.

🌙 Because the practice acknowledges the feminine arts…and the sacred feminine endangers the narrative. Let’s burn them all instead and make sure to drive it into the hearts of the collective that they are evil.

We have been strongly, socially conditioned to FEAR the witches.

🌚 How many of you practice in secret because you are afraid of what other people will think?

🌚 You put away your altars and sacred tools when you have visitors, so you don’t have to explain?

🌚 You’re afraid that your children will become endangered or harassed if they found out their mother was doing witchy things?

🌚 You’ll be labeled, ostracized and called crazy.. or not taken seriously anymore. Your reputation could be ruined! How many of you think I’m crazy right now?It’s hard coming out of the broom closet because those feelings are REAL and you feel the persecutions of the past, in your bones as fear. Your body holds the memory of the collective. Plus there is a high chance that you would still be ostracized for it in many circles.

person in black hat standing in forest
Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

You were socially conditioned to fear the witches much less own you inner witch.

Why again? Because the practices empower you and don’t fit into the narrative of control.

The good news is that true power, the power of LOVE, rests within you. More and more people are yearning for that true connection. It is our work to undo the systems of power that confuse us into forgetting that. The time is now to reclaim that part of you that is ready to be witnessed and heard. It’s time to awaken the sacred within.

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