The Journey Continues… 2024 dates to be determined
In the ALCHEMIST, we move from the earthly to the cosmic with the axiom of “As above, so below”. We begin our exploration of the planets and how they represent and influence us. We delve into their magick as a way of understanding ourselves and how to work with these cosmic forces to enhance our lives. The planets reveal to us our shadow and hidden desires and how we can alchemize those limitations towards our highest success.

In our study of the seven main planetary archons, the course will be divided according to astrological sect as presented in classical traditions. Students will work intimately with one planet to learn and deepen their practice with planetary magick.

In the Monad (or daytime sect) are the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter.
In the Dyad (or nighttime sect) are the Moon, Mars and Venus.
In the Triad (or the blend of both) is Mercury.

Some of the things we explore in this course:

  • Unlocking your inner master to align with your highest success.
  • Cultivating focus and purpose to help navigate your daily choices with clarity.
  • Redirecting scarcity to plenitude.
  • Astral awakening of the cosmic energy within to guide and empower you. You are not alone.
  • Understanding your unique intuitive powers.
  • Differentiating between the voice of your intuition and that of your insecurities.
  • Continuing your studies of ritual and ceremonial magick.
  • Elevating your vibration through daily practices.
  • Exploring your personal planetary placements and how they influence your life.
  • Alchemizing old, self-limiting stories into unexplored potential.

The whole series is 4 months long with 9 meeting times every other Saturday from 12-2 pm. For the weeks in between, you will be given coursework and time to process.

2024 DATES:
To be determined

One Time Payment-$1095
Payment Plan- $200 deposit + (3 x $315) = $1145