I’ve been a student at Sacred Garden for many years, and when I was walking out of the studio one day, I noticed the message board said, “90 day Sacred Alchemy Program.” I was in a dark place during that time. I felt like my light was completely out. I was walking through the motions of life but I had lost my purpose. I was numb. I felt instantly connected to the words on the board, and felt like it was a message from the universe. I had recently decided to get off of antidepressants and see what life was like without them. I had been taking them for most of my adult life so It was scary, but I knew I needed to do it. I wanted to feel again. I realized that if I wanted to do this, I needed some help, and after speaking with Cindy about the program, I knew this was what I was looking for.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to avoid feeling the negative emotions, hoping to bypass them and only feel the good ones. I tried to push them away because they didn’t feel good. I realized that the antidepressant medication I was taking prevented me from feeling the negative feelings, which seems nice but I learned that if you don’t feel the negative ones, you do more harm than good because you can’t heal and you can’t learn from them. I realized the medication also prevented me from fully feeling joy and happiness. Cindy taught me to sit with my feelings that are uncomfortable without judgement. I learned to acknowledge them, fully experience them, accept them, and then listen to their purpose. She helped me to heal pain from my childhood and pain that was passed down to me. Cindy helped me to find my inner goddess and to trust and listen to myself.

I am emotionally stronger than I have ever been, and I am no longer taking antidepressants. I feel a sense of peace and acceptance with myself that I have never experienced before. My 4th and 5th chakras no longer feel blocked and disconnected. I am able to express myself and am becoming more vulnerable like I never thought was possible. I have learned a new beautiful way to live by practicing gratitude daily, making offerings to the nature spirits and goddesses, and being able to receive messages from the universe. This program changed my life and I am forever grateful for Cindy being my goddess guide and healer on this journey.

L.H. (2018- SA: 90 Day Graduate)