I was dealing with a lot of pain from past relationships and trauma still embedded deep within me. I felt stuck, lost and alone. I was struggling with being able to love myself and finding joy in life again. I was going through a full on crisis inside and no one knew. I had tried therapy but it was flat and wasn’t able to penetrate to the center. I was at a crossroads and knew that I had to do something different, bigger. It was nothing short of divine timing that I found Cindy when and how I did and scheduled the breakthrough call with her the next day, then had my first session the day after that. From the first phone call I knew this was the right decision and felt immediately comfortable talking to Cindy, tears and all. 

Cindy made me feel immediately comfortable and at ease in her space and I could feel she truly understood everything I was going through. It was above and beyond what I even expected. She helped me to connect to my past, present and future self and gave me a new understanding of all that I had gone through and how strong I really am. She helped me with cutting cords and even with removing some negative entity attachment. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. I could feel by the end of the first session that things were already moving and shifting and that was huge for me. She helped me tap into my intuition and learn to recognize and trust my own abilities.

I have had huge personal improvements and realizations since the 90 day program, my self love practices and spiritual growth has taken on a whole new form and I am forever grateful to Cindy for being there to help me through this time in my life. I am continuing with Cindy’s other programs going forward as well. I have learned how to enjoy life in a new way and that means so much to me! It was completely worth the investment as this information can be taken with you through the rest of your life and that is priceless! It has and continues to be a truly magical experience. šŸ’—šŸ’«

Alicia Bell (2022- SA: 90 Day Graduate)