Ignite Your Skull-Light

I hope the energy of the New Moon finds you well even amidst the chaos of these volatile and revelatory times. If there is anything these past few years have been teaching us, is the fundamental truth of impermanence. If your sense of safety, worth or security has laid anywhere outside of you, then surely you have felt the sting.

The evolution of our awakening has never been about ridding ourselves, nor the world of it’s natural cycles of peace and upheaval… but in finding our roots in something steadier tha our mere mortality. The sooner we realize that there is nothing guaranteed to us and that we are entitled to nothing, then can we begin to liberate ourselves to what is already here now… which will pretty much always contain a myriad of flavors from bitter, to sweet, salty and sour.

Our awakening is assisted by the turning on of what Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls the “skull light” in her book, Women Who Run with The Wolves. Here is what she says:

“Each woman who retrieves her intuition and Yaga-like powers reaches a point where she is tempted to throw them away, for what is the use of seeing and knowing all of these things? This skull-light is not forgiving. In it’s light, the old are elderly; the beautiful, lush; the silly, foolish; the drunk, drunken; the unfaithful are infadels, things which are incredible are noted as miracles. Skull-light sees what it sees; it is an eternal light, and right out in front, shining ahead, like a presence that goes a little bit before her and reports back to her what it has found ahead.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Skull-light sees what it sees. Now more than ever, we need to be brave enough to turn on our skull-light so that we can see beyond the smoke and mirrors, the fears, or the rose colored glasses. In yoga, we call it seeing through the clearest lens of our Purusa (authentic spirit), which communicates through instinct and intuition. It is true, it may be easier to throw away the light and go back to sleep, but once the Great Work calls you, your “sleep” will always be restless.

Yes, you will be required to see the “disfigured and the divine” and everything that shows itself in between. But in that light you’ll also see through the hatred, into the sorrow and understand much. It will guide you to great beauty but also to where betrayal is brewing; to birthing new seeds, to also letting things die. When this skull-light shines upon yourself, it can be the most difficult to face as it reveals your treasures but also your deepest hidden secrets. But it is in this great light, that the destructive unconscious dissolves, and can no longer be carried into your new life, for it is forgiving only to the truth.

As we continue to forge ahead into this ever changing landscape of ours, keep holding that skull-light in front of you and let it be your guide toward truth and away from manipulation. You were born with the resources to specifically get you through these epic times and don’t you ever forget it!

Earth Day Blessings!! A Message from Pachamama

Every day, we wake up with an opportunity to make decisions about how we are going to show up on this beautiful planet.  As I am sure you have already experienced, this world is wonderfully yet paradoxically designed to both bewilder and enlighten us. The beauty of this human ride is that we are ALWAYS blessed with the freedom to choose which way want to go, so our time here is DESIGNED for us to make stupid, dumb and bad choices. Then perhaps, we become motivated to wake up and choose differently. Seriously, if we wanted to be enlightened all of the time, we wouldn’t have been born, as our light is already a given.

For this reason, I have no desire to tell you what is right or wrong and what you should and shouldn’t do for our planet because honestly, my belief is that our magnificent earth will survive just fine with or without us. In my years of communing with our beloved mother, she has whispered to me time and again that our need for her far outweighs her need for us and that we would destroy ourselves way before we could destroy her. So what’s the point of all this and why bother being concerned about our planet, you may ask?

Because my friends, our sanity, our healing and our opportunity for moving out of our own suffering become far greater with her appreciated and intact.

Because she is a constant holder of consciousness and through her display of beauty, perseverance, abundance and freedom, we are reminded of our own.

Because in our darkest hours, when we are shattered in pieces, she wraps us in her sweet embrace and puts us back together again.

Because she lovingly holds the parts of ourselves that we have discarded until we are ready to once again claim them for ourselves.

Because, through our relations with her and all of her creatures, we learn compassion and unconditional love so that we can in turn be a vessel for compassion and love.

As Eckhart Tolle so beautifully says, “Watch any plant or animal and let it teach you acceptance of what is, surrender to the Now. Let it teach you Being. Let it teach you integrity — which means to be one, to be yourself, to be real. Let it teach you how to live and how to die, and how not to make living and dying into a problem.”

I say, let nature teach you that Life’s ONLY promise is the unfoldment of your consciousness. When Nature blooms, she does not bloom for recognition or entitlement. She blooms only for Life itself. We let go of struggle and destruction when we remember that our planet, even though she gives us everything, OWES us nothing. Living for Life itself, without expecting anything in return- now that is an ultimate lesson.

Perhaps think about honoring, appreciating and taking care of this beautiful earth not because you have to or because she needs you to, but because by doing so, you get an opportunity to make a choice that reflects not only a love for this planet but a love for yourself.

Earth Love = Self Love

How wonderful is that!! Earth day blessings to you all!