The Sacred Elements

In the Andean native tradition, the 4 elements have Sacred Words:


Earth: To Want

Water: To Be Silent

Air: To Know

Fire: To Dare


I learned them from a Peruvian Shaman and Wise Woman several years ago on retreat. To embody the sacred elements is life long and always deepening. To know them is also to be both wildly free and deeply nurtured.

The Elements, are largely where my personal practice began, enmeshed with yoga and other healing arts. I’m a mutt, a mish mosh of all sorts, but nature is in my backbone and roots. I was born in Peru so I was naturally drawn to the world of mountains, rivers and forests when I began my journey in awakening and healing.

Each of the sacred elements live within us, not just fueling our bodies, but also nurturing our words, emotions, purpose and intelligence. We are designed to understand and see beyond our ordinary 5 senses and it’s through our deeper wisdom that we can make the best decisions for ourselves.

This organic body suit we wear is perfectly designed for living in this world and once we understand that our body and heart are fueled by the relationship we have with the forces of nature, we know that we are never alone.

As we go through the seasons in our lives, we may find that certain elements sit with us for a while, to help us process the changes we are going through. Thus come in the SACRED WORDS.

Which one of these sacred words are you currently experiencing? Mine is To Be Silent and to simply allow myself to be processed. To let the waters wash over me and cleanse away the dust of delusions and misconception.

The Elements are where I always return whenever life gets uncertain. Mother Earth is almost always certain to hold the answers that we seek.

To learn more about connecting with elements through ceremony and everyday living, check out our upcoming course INITIATION.

Medusa- Goddess of Sacred Rage

Medusa is mythical, compared to the feminine ascended masters we’ve explored so far, however no one embodies Sacred Rage like she does and is the most misunderstood of the goddesses, just as rage is one of the most misunderstood of our emotions. When Medusa came into my life with her potent medicine, it wasn’t in the way that she is normally perceived as an evil monster. She had snakes in her hair, wild and untamed but her story is that of surviving atrocities and being punished for crimes she did not commit. Even in her death, she was murdered and used by Perseus to turn the Kraken into stone.

For those unfamiliar with her origin story, Medusa was a beautiful maiden, a virgin priestess of Athena whom she adored. Athena and the god Poseidon were rivals. To anger Athena, Poseidon saw Medusa on the temple steps, raped her and fled, leaving her weak, vulnerable, and violated. Medusa prayed to Athena for guidance and forgiveness but instead of showing mercy, Athena cursed Medusa for betraying her. Medusa was exiled to an island to live by herself afraid of her powers and ANGRY for what was done to her. Wouldn’t you be too? She was destined to spend the rest of her life alone, turning men to stone who were sent to kill her.

Now, take a moment to just breathe and feel the emotions that may have been stirred within you, from her story. For me, it stirred up something primal and old. A feeling that had been within me for a long while yet tucked away because it felt inappropriate and unsafe. I mean, how many of us were taught how to process and assimilate anger? Most of us were taught that we shouldn’t show anger, especially as a light worker or a spiritual person… and let’s be honest, anger and rage can be scary, especially for those who like to stay in control. It doesn’t always feel good. Yet the emotion serves a purpose, otherwise, why would we have been given it in our divine design.

Anger and rage are emotions that come when we feel like we have been DISEMPOWERED in some way. Of course, it’s not an emotion we want to stew in for long periods of time, but there is often a message there for us to reclaim a part of ourselves that perhaps we temporarily forgot.

How can owning your rage be SACRED medicine to reclaim your sovereignty?

  • By owning your dissociated anger, you actually become LESS triggered by current volatile situations. Anger is no longer a trauma response from a past experience, but instead good feedback on how you are feeling disempowered.
  • By understanding that your rage and anger aren’t dirty, you can reclaim all the times you have ever felt disempowered, hurt, blamed, betrayed, or taken advantage of… and that you have a right to stand up for yourself when it is necessary.
  • You actually become MORE loving, understanding and compassionate because you are no longer looking at life through the lens of old wounds.

Sometimes, the most loving thing that you can do for yourself, for your child if you are parent, for your business if you are an entrepreneur or for your relationships… is to let down your wild, untamed medusa hair, show your fangs, let out your claws, shine your eyes and say NO, set appropriate boundaries and take your power back!