Dark Moon Energy Clearing

The energies at play are big right now! Let’s use them to help lift the veils of darkness and confusion. If you are not feeling like your usual go lucky self… perhaps you feel stuck, depressed, anxious, worried, in lack, in fear or unclear… Cindy is holding space for some deeper healing to take place.


Meeting time is  at 6:00 PM on November 4th during the new moon at Sacred Garden Yoga. Join us for some ritual and release work with an emphasis on crossing the thresh-hold to your awakened self. We’ll be working with the energies that help facilitate this kind of release and Cindy will also be offering some energy work to help clear blockages.

Space is very limited in studio. If you will be joining us virtually, please make sure to click the VIRTUAL Register button.

(not recommended if you are uncomfortable with magick)

COST: $45

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