Enlightened Gathering


Thursday, Aug 19th
5:30-7 PM


ENLIGHTENED is a gathering that Cindy and friends have created with the mission to free the wild, magickal & creative spirit within. Our goal is to create a safe, respectful and high vibrational space to explore all things magickal, sacred and healing. Together, we’ll bring deeper awareness, enchantment, fun, and acceptance into the world. We hope to offer a special event each month to support you on your journey.

For our gathering in August, we will be exploring the different energies of the moon and how to work with them. We’ll also introduce the workings of candle magick and how you can use it during a moon ceremony. My personal relationship with the moon has shifted within the years. My perspective is not what’s normally discussed so come on out to learn more!

Please note, this is not a formal teaching on the subject, but a place to ask questions, share ideas and gather in community.

COST: $20

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