“Cindy Olah leads the Yoga of the Heart teacher training with grace, kindness, enthusiasm, insightfulness and truth. Through yoga her Spirit guided mine to my authentic Self. Cindy was and continues to be dedicated to me and this teacher training. She is a true blessing and my gratitude will forever be hers.”


“I am taking the opportunity to sing the praises of a truly gifted healer Cindy Olah. Cindy is the owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, and some people only know her as a fantastic yoga teacher (which she is), but what some may not know is that Cindy has incredible healing capabilities. She has experience with Peruvian healing, has worked extensively with Shamans and has studied hypnosis. (I hope I got all that right, if not, someone correct me!)

I had a 1 hour healing session with her and I can say it was an amazing experience!! Cindy has compassion and humility and was able to help me release a lot of what was keeping me stuck. Her intuitive knowing helped her to get to the root of what had a hold on me. My issues were not physical, but I would expect that she can help anything.

I highly recommend that you have a session with her before everyone finds out how good she is and she will be too busy.”

Susan Gonzalez- Founder Moon Organics

“As many of you know, the light in my life went out a year ago when my daughter passed away unexpectedly. Filled with unbearable sadness and grief I didn’t think I’d make it through another day.  From the strength of prayer and the grace of God, I continued to make it to my mat. This was the space where my healing would begin. All of these beautiful people I had come to know, reached out, wrapped their arms around me and let me know everything was going to be OK. I could not have made it without the support from everyone at Sacred Garden, especially Cindy. I know now that the reasons I was led to my very first yoga class, never had anything to do with how long I could balance on my head, feet or whether I could touch my toes or not. Its about the gift I receive every time I make it to my mat. The amazing teachers I love to practice with, a room filled with kind, non judgmental yogis and a reason to literally fall on my face and know its ok. Its been a long journey in just a short period of time but a beautiful gift nonetheless. See all of you in class. Namaste!”


“SGY is my sanctuary. Cindy Olah is not only a well practiced, knowledgeable, encouraging teacher and student of yoga but an inherently calming spirit.”


“I came to Cindy for healing when things were falling apart in my life. Cindy helped me distinguish between the conflicting voices that were inside of my head and reconnect with the voice of my soul. I felt an immediate emotional shift and clarity right after my first session with her. Give Cindy a try and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!”


“The Reiki session with Cindy was very powerful. She was able to find the area that was at the heart of my emotional pain and bring it out into the open for me. My work with her has begun an avalanche of healing and revelations.”


“When I started yoga with Cindy, I had been diagnosed with severe chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. I felt as though my body had lost everything it once had.  I was weak and painful; it hurt to move, to even bend my arms or legs, where I was once flexible and agile.  I couldn’t help feeling as though I had been physically betrayed. Because of Cindy and her gifts as a teacher, both my mind and body have been freed of the weight of living with chronic pain.  I have not felt this level of confidence and happiness in years, and I know it is due to my decision to return to yoga.”


“As a person who hasn’t done much energy work such as Reiki, until now, I can say that my experience with Cindy Olah has created actual life changes in me. Some were unexpected, such as being more open with others, finding myself more focused, energized and happy;  the realization that emotions I’ve been hold on to, carrying around on my back like luggage, would interfere with work, relationships, and personal growth. After that first session I needed to learn more of this energy work and it’s power. I’m forever happy with my decision to try a Reiki session and grateful the practitioner I chose was Cindy. She created a comfortable and safe environment for me to expose the “luggage” I so desperately needed to loose. She has a gift of healing, a kind heart, and a true desire to help others.”