Live Your Best Life

Today and everyday, choose to live your fullest life!! – No excuses, no apologies and with no one to blame. Your greatest act of self love is taking responsibility for your beautiful and often messy life. In doing so, then you are able to:

Heal your body, Free your mind and Awaken to the ever flowing and joyous presence of your unbounded Self.

Where do I begin? I just completed Cindy’s 90 Day Sacred Alchemy deep dive, and all I can say is “Wow!” I have been on a path of spiritual and personal growth for some time, but some stubborn road blocks finally caused me to step out of my comfort zone and seek help elsewhere. Now I know for sure that this calling was meant to be, and Cindy’s methods of breaking through “stuckness” are exactly what I needed. My biggest hurdles were some very old wounds, a sealed and locked down heart chakra, and also a general fear of stepping into my own power. The healing and breakthroughs I experienced in such a short period of time are incredible, and I feel like I can continue my work from a much more open and centered place. There is much work to be done still, but I feel like I have more of a sense of purpose and direction in my life. Thank you so much, Cindy!

Julia Elliott

“When I started yoga with Cindy, I had been diagnosed with severe chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. I felt as though my body had lost everything it once had.  I was weak and painful; it hurt to move, to even bend my arms or legs, where I was once flexible and agile.  I couldn’t help feeling as though I had been physically betrayed. Because of Cindy and her gifts as a teacher, both my mind and body have been freed of the weight of living with chronic pain.  I have not felt this level of confidence and happiness in years, and I know it is due to my decision to return to yoga.”