Sacred Alchemy {Light Body Activation}

I’ve had a chance to do several light body activations on people now. I didn’t know what to expect when I started them. But they are totally different than other energy type shadow work that I do.

This is what I’ve experienced so far with them:
🔹 Of course, it’s totally not me who does the activation. Each person has a special tribe of entities that come through to do the activation.
🔹 I have met galactic beings, insectoid beings (who are galactic btw), fae beings, Egyptian and Atlantis beings, Light Brotherhood beings, the dolphin & whale beings, Akashic beings to name a few.
🔹 People have a unique energetic makeup. Some are crystalline, and most are very geometrical.. like looking through a kaleidoscope.
🔹 The activation locations are different for each person. Some, it’s the pineal gland, others it’s the heart or throat, and for others it’s the womb or the crown of the head. It’s usually a combination of places.
🔹 Most everyone has their special thing that recharges them. For some galactic beings it’s star light, for the fae, it’s the woods. You probably already instinctively know yours.
🔹 The archangels like to show up to render their support.
🔹 There is so much to learn and we are but a tiny speck among a universe that is so large. Yet, we are so very supported.

What’s the purpose:
▫️To help purge any part of your past keeping you stuck.
▫️To give insight about where you come from and the energy that you hold.
▫️Clearing & activating DNA and light codes to assist in the cultivation of your awareness.

The sessions are 35- 40 minutes and the exchange: $99

We are not meant to go through our initiations, healing and awakening alone, so if this is speaking to you, we’ll get you scheduled.

The time for big love and magick is NOW. 🔥

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