Light Body Activation

A light body activation is not quite like a regular energy or healing session. Each client receives a unique experience depending on what their spirit guides want to offer. Only the highest beings of light are at work here. An intuitive reading and energy cleanse naturally take place. Come with any questions for your spirit guides.

More information:
🔹 Of course, it’s not me who does the activation. Each person has a special tribe of spirit guides that come through to do the activation. They often come through with messages and are very open to questions that clients may have.
🔹 People have a unique energetic makeup that is often revealed. Some are crystalline, and most are very geometrical. This is the light body. The make up depends on the soul history of the person and where they and their tribe are from.
🔹 The activation locations are different for each person. Some, it’s the pineal gland, others it’s the heart or throat, and for others it’s the womb or the crown of the head. It’s usually a combination of places.
🔹 An energy clearing naturally happens through the activation, offering clarity and insight.
🔹It’s a big energy boost and feels pretty great afterwards.

What’s the purpose:
▫️To help purge parts of your past keeping you stuck.
▫️To give insight about where you come from and the energy that you hold.
▫️To activate DNA and light codes for clarity, healing and cultivating remembrance.

The sessions are about 40-45 minutes
COST: $125

We are not meant to go through our initiations, healing and awakening alone, so if this is speaking to you, let’s get you scheduled.

The time for big love and magick is NOW. 🔥

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