The Dark and Full Moon


The call from the Mother energies have been strong, especially that of the often misunderstood Dark Mother’s whom serve to help us move through shadow times of our lives. Kali, Hecate, and Lilith are the name of some these great Goddesses and with their help, can bring the most profound healing to parts of ourselves that have long been denied. Their energies hold aspects of the Divine that work with us when it is our time to sit in the fire of transmutation, when we are at a crossroad, when it is time to awaken to the deeper mystery, during cycles of death and birth, to connect with our personal power, to make the subconscious conscious, to awaken to the magic that lies in the mundane, to meet ourselves fully and courageously.

In terms of honoring them during the cycle of the moon, the time to celebrate and work with the Dark Goddesses is during the shadow time of the DARK MOON which is different than the NEW MOON (see below). The Dark Moon is the time of the Crone, of retreat, wisdom, healing, the death before the rebirth and the revealing of our shadows.


The DARK MOON astronomically refers to the period when the Moon is not visible in the sky. This lasts between 1-3 days, depending upon your location. This is the period between the end of the Waning Moon up to and including the very start of the Waxing Moon, when the Moon is again illuminated by the Sun. Astrologically and magickally, this refers to the period when the Moon is not illuminated in any way, it is the period between the end of the Waning Moon and the start of the Waxing Moon.

The NEW MOON astronomically refers to the Midpoint of the Dark Moon, the time of which the Moon is exactly between phases, i.e. Waxing and Waning, as such, all times given for theΒ New Moon on calendars, and even on the NASA website, are the Midpoint, the peak of, the Dark Moon. Astrologically and magickally, this refers to the very beginning of the Waxing Moon, when the Moon is again illuminated by the Sun; that very first Crescent of Moon in the Sky.



To awaken to our potential, as the way it is called forth through the Divine and not our ego, is what the possibilities of the FULL moon hold for us. We all have big magick inside of us and are co-creators with the great ONE to bring forth our higher purpose & awakening. During the full moon time, we work with the Goddesses of fertility such as the Great Mother Isis, to help illuminate our path of bringing forth our highest intentions. We connect to what we want to birth and believe in our ability as powerful creators to do so. The full moon is also the optimal time to charge and clear any of your ceremonial tools such as crystals and anything else you hold on your altar space.


I perform a personal ceremony for every Dark and Full moon. Recently, I have been guided to open up my ceremonial space to anyone else who wants to participate. I hold them at Sacred Garden Yoga and invite any of you who would like to participate. After opening up sacred space and calling in the energy of the Great Mothers to assist us, the ceremony itself is more laid back and usually doesn’t last longer than one hour. Although more unconventional, I also have them during the day just because that is when I am more available.

Full Moon: September 5th- 12:00 PM
Dark Moon: I will be out of town during that time.