INTUITION (Awaken Your Psychic Gifts)- Offered both in person and virtually Using the axiom of “as above, so below,” the planets awaken us to our higher potential. In this course, we will be working with the planetary influences of the Moon, Mercury and Mars to develop your INTUITION and psychic gifts. Your intuition is your most valuable resource allowing you to make the best decisions for yourself that impact your whole life. We will guide you in connecting with the higher intelligence and field all around you to help navigate you, especially during times of uncertainty. Empowered living is what this is about.

Some of the things we explore in this course:

  • Understanding your unique intuitive powers.
  • Differentiating between intuition and a trauma response.
  • Weekly practices for developing intuition & psychic gifts.
  • Daily practices for elevating your vibration.
  • Connecting with your spirit guides.
  • Navigating the world as an empath.
  • Powerful energetic clearings with Cindy & Jen, to unblock your intuition.

The whole series is 3 months long with 6 meeting times every other Saturday from 12-2 pm (in person). For the weeks in between, you will be given coursework and time to process.

In person meeting schedule at Sacred Garden Yoga (Saturday’s 12-2 pm):
Jul 9th | Jul 23rd | Aug 6th | Aug 20th | Sep 3rd | Sep 17th

VIRTUAL meeting schedule via ZOOM (Wednesday’s 12-1:30 pm)
Jul 20th | Aug 3rd | Aug 17th | Aug 31st | Sep 14th | Sep 28th | Oct 12th

COST: $795

INTUITION (in person) payment- $795
INTUITION (virtual option) payment- $795