Enlightened Gathering


Thursday, July 22nd
5:30-7 PM


ENLIGHTENED is a gathering that Cindy and friends have created with the mission to free the wild, magickal & creative spirit within. Our goal is to create a safe, respectful and high vibrational space to explore all things magickal, sacred and healing. Together, we’ll bring deeper awareness, enchantment, fun, and acceptance into the world. We hope to offer a special event each month to support you on your journey.

For our gathering in July, we will be exploring crystals and crystal grids. Make sure you have a copy of your natal chart when you attend. Time Passages is a good phone app. https://cafeastrology.com/ is a website where you can print your chart. We recommend the book The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest.

Please note, this is not a formal teaching on the subject, but a place to ask questions, share ideas and gather in community.

COST: $20