Cacao Ceremony & 4 Hands Alchemy

Cacao Ceremony:
Cindy & Jen come together with a potent blend of magic to awaken the heart… an initiation of sorts to bring forth and stir what’s next for you in your continued unfoldment.
Sacred cacao helps cut through the mental clutter, enhancing focus and concentration while enabling you to hear your heart, making self-expression, creativity and connection easier.
“Real cacao is a major multi-dimensional partner in accelerated inner transformation and emotional release, assisting greater ease and depth. Wherever you need to go on this journey, “cacao brings the door but doesn’t push you through it”. This cacao helps you open and receive what is always available…
We hear often that with real cacao in the system, people go deeper and get more out of workshops, meditations,  teachings, & books. More is understood on many levels… and retained. Connections and deeper meanings emerge as well as more energy and presence.” – from Keiths’ Cacao website
So… if you have been feeling stuck, unclear, anxious or just ready to step into your power; then join us to get clear and to begin the process of calling back all you have hidden away, for a sweet reunion back into your heart. Bring a journal and expect the unexpected.
COST: $44
4 Hands Alchemy Sessions:
Then for those who want personalized energy sessions Cindy & Jen will be working with the power of 3 for intuitively guided “Feel the Magic” 4 Hands Alchemy Sessions. Together Jen and Cindy have infused their diverse styles together for a powerful and soulful combination of 4 Hands Alchemy.
Their unique blend of shamanic body work, light language, shadow extraction/integration is a true initiation in itself, yet it’s so much more. As guide-esses they give their all in taking you to the sweet point…an opening for self healing to begin at a deep and intimate level. It’s an invitation to release and purge old wounds for the sacred intention of personal freedom.
The “alchemy” happens when you can finally free your energetic resources from feeding old programs, wounds and ancestral patterns from this life and beyond. The heat of your own self awareness and willingness to go through the fire, extracts that pure energy so that you can then use it to feed a greater expression of yourself. You become a more refined instrument for Self expression to occur, thus alchemizing your fears, wounds, anxieties, pain and experiences into something beautiful.
Sessions can be intense so it’s for those open & willing to do the work. If you are feeling stuck, tired, anxious, depressed, powerless, alienated or confused we can help get the ball rolling.
Sessions are by appointment only on “healing days” when we take up to 5 clients. Our next healing day is on Saturday, October 27th. We highly recommend the cacao ceremony on October 26th to prepare and open you to do the deeper work.
COST: $297