4 Alchemy {Awaken Your Most Magical Self}


The INITIATION series is designed to awaken the inner healer, teacher, shaman, light worker, priestess or intuitive that is yearning to express itself as you. Whether it is to serve yourself or to serve others, you will learn techniques that empower your ability to work with the sacred within and outside.

This first round includes the initiations, self-discovery processes, and attunements; to enhance your growth and provide clarity for your own path. As we introduce you to the beautiful world of magical beginnings you will awaken into your own special blend of inner wisdom & magical sacredness. Students will also receive their Reiki 1 attunement and certification.

This course lays the foundation for upcoming levels in which you will continue to unfold your most magical self and also receive Reiki 2 and master attunements.

Some of the things we will explore in this course:

  • The magic maker- what is magic and identifying your gifts. {the clairs}
  • The energetic body- you as a channel of light.
  • The wounded healer- intro to shadow work.
  • Creating sacred space- including intro to magical tools.
  • Reiki 1 attunement- learning how to feel and work with energy; receiving your Reiki 1 attunement & certification through the Usui tradition.

The whole series is 7 weeks long with 4 meeting times every other Saturday from 12-2:30 pm. For the weeks in between, you will be given homework assignments and time to process.

Meeting schedule at Sacred Garden Yoga:
Dec 1st | Dec 15th | Dec 29th | Jan 12th

COST: $195

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